An Applet for the Teacher

This facility enables you to create your language exercises as applets that your students can access from your own website or your own computer. I advise you to read the whole of this page before you start!

Types of exercise:
Click on links on the left to see examples of the various types of exercise you can create. (The 'help' link brings you back here.) If there are no links on the left (and on the right), click here to get the complete page.

Creating your own:
When you click on one of the links on the right you will get a form in which to enter the details of your exercise. When you've finished, you can check that it works properly and then download it.

And then...
You can run the exercise from your own computer or put it on a server in your network or on your personal Internet website for your students to access from wherever they like. Note that what you have is just a tiny file with your data and a reference to my applet, and so the user has to be connected to the Internet to start with so that the browser can get what it needs to run the exercise.

I hope this all works as I say it should. One difficulty is the way different browsers behave, and I'd be grateful for reports on problems encountered or any suggestions for improvements.
Let me know what you think!