An Applet for the Teacher

This is a facility for teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) to give their students interactive language exercises on the Internet.

Before we start:
What it's all about:
The idea is pretty simple. There are various Java applets available that produce different types of exercises - multiple choice, cloze, transformation, games of hangman or memory, etc.. Some examples are provided, or you can see a wider selection on the World of English site. (Things may look a bit different on that site, since I've just upgraded the applets there, and it may take me a few days to do the same here.)
You decide on the most suitable form to practise the point of grammar, vocabulary or whatever that you wish to practise. You enter your words in a form online, click on a button, and you'll see your exercise as an interactive applet. You can save the file that produced it (an html file with your words and a reference to the applet) and put it on your own website - or present it to your students immediately if the situation permits.

Continue and have fun!